Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Causes Migraine Headache?

Do you know that there are around 20 million migraine sufferers? If you are one of them, I am sure you would like to know what causes migraines. Below is a quick list of what causes migraine headache.

Guess what? The leading cause of migraines is the weather. That accounts for almost 21% of the common causes of migraine headache. For most people, it is usually the hot weather that triggers such pain.

Following close behind is not having a proper meal. That takes up nearly 18%. If you skip your meal, you could be exposing yourself to such a risk. Hence the best advice is to take your meals at regular intervals.

Without a doubt, stress is another common cause. Most people who suffer from migraine attributed it to stress, whether in the office, home or school. With the pace of society, it is pretty difficult to avoid stress. The best option is to learn how to cope with it.

The next common cause is our diet especially if you drink. Alcohol is the main culprit and for those people who suffer from hangover from alcohol overdose will understand what I mean. Besides alcohol, your food could also trigger such attacks. A viable option is for you to take note of what you eat so that you can avoid such foods.

For ladies, menstrual cycle is also a common cause. If you happen to be one, try to make yourself as comfortable as possible and lookout for any smoothing remedies that may help alleviate the pain.

Regardless of the causes of your migraine headaches, there are ways to treat them.

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